Dark Lab

The Dark Lab is a 40’ x 40’ performance space with 30’ ceilings. It is designed with numerous wire raceways under the floor and in the walls, containing wiring for lighting, sound, video and data.  All wiring is accessible at many points throughout the space, and runs to a theatrical control booth and other control points.

The lab has standard fixed theater lighting as well as robotic, programmable theater lighting. It is outfitted with sound for theater including 8.1 Surround Sound, a long-throw theatrical projector, smaller projectors and work lights.

Top:  "Roda de Video," interactive video installation in the Dark Lab by Drew Detweiler (2010).  Above:  Real-time performance study by Chris(Topher) Maraffi (2010).   Right:  Conference plenary session in the Dark Lab.  (Top and above photos, Jim MacKenzie. Right photo, Lyle Troxell.)